Japanese artist goes viral for being BTS’s Jungkook’s double

Recently, the Japanese star Leiya Seguchi has become a trend on social networks and in different forums, after for many, the artist is described as the exact copy of the Idol of bts, Jungkookbecause despite being of another nationality, his resemblance to the South Korean star is something quite evident for many.

The young man, belonging to the groupo FANTASTICS by EXILE TRIBEhas shared a photograph on the social network theqoo, which has had more than 64,000 visits and hundreds of comments in a matter of hours, where fans interacted and debated his resemblance to the South Korean male group Idol.

At the same time, there were many users who commented that Liya looked more like the idol and actor PArk Hyung Sikeven the comedian Yoo Se Yoon or the actor Shin Ha Kyunbut what stood out the most were those who said that the Japanese was identical to Jungkook, making ARMYS accept this description and share it around the world.

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