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This morning, Blink 182 canceled his second concert at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, due to the aggravation of the bronchitis suffered by the bassist, Mark Hoppus. That is why we tell you here How can you request a refund for your tickets?

This is the second time that the band cancels its presentation in Mexicobecause last year they canceled a concert after a injury that the drummer suffered, Travis Baker; so his visit was postponed for a year.

So far there is no information on whether the concert will be rescheduled; That is why we tell you here how to request a refund for Blink 182 tickets on Ticketmaster.

How to request a refund for tickets for the Blink 182 concert?

According to a statement released by Ocesathe refund will be made from Monday April 8. You can request it in two ways:

Go to a Ticketmaster Center to request a refund for the Blink 182 concert

In case you have purchased your physical ticketsyou must go to the point of sale where did you make the purchasebe it a Ticketmaster Center or the National Auditorium box office.

Take into account that you must come with the original ticket, without amendments or alterations, only to the Ticketmaster Center where you bought it, because if you go to another you will not be able to get your money.

How do I request a refund for a Ticketmaster ticket if I purchased with a card?

In case you have purchased with card, you can request a refund without going to the Ticketmaster Center. To do this, you will only have to get into to you Ticketmaster accountchoose the “help” button and click on “refund”. In the section they will ask you for the name of the cardholder, the ticket reference number, and their photo.

How do I request a refund for digital tickets on Ticketmaster?

According to the page Ticketmaster, If you have purchased digital tickets, they will deposit the money automatically after requesting the refund into your Ticketmaster account, using the “help” button.

The money will be reflected in your account within a maximum of 30 days after making the request.

Please note that all forms of reimbursement They will only return the money for the ticket without charges for service, since these are not refundable as they are part of the Ticketmaster service

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