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One of the most anticipated astronomical events of the year will take place next April 8; he total solar eclipse can be seen in Mexico after the last time this phenomenon appeared in 1991.

This eclipse will be seen in most of the RepublicHowever the sun It won’t go 100 percent dark in every state.

The only ones who will be lucky enough to see this eclipse in its maximum splendor will be the people who live in Sinaloa, Durango and Coahuila.

To be even more exact, those who are in the port from Mazatlán, They will be the ones who can best appreciate this astronomical phenomenonaccording to NASA.

The solar eclipse is estimated to begin at 10:51:22. am (local time). The total phase of the eclipse will be at 12:07:24 and will end at 12:11:43, just when the Sun is positioned at the highest point in the sky.

How to take photos of the solar eclipse with a cell phone?

In order to appreciate a solar eclipse It is necessary to take some precautions both for your eyesas for the devices that you use to photograph that moment for the posterity.

If you plan to use your cell phone To capture the best postcards of the sun invaded by the moon, you can protect it with sun filters so as not to damage the camera from your phone.

This filter can be the one for the special lenses to see the eclipse, you just have to place it over the camera of your cell phone, either the front or the back one and make sure that it does not move, or look for one in a specialized store of cameras.

According to the site So that you can get better photos you can follow the following recommendations:

Set your phone so that photos are taken in RAW format to preserve the image properties and then you can edit them

  • Don’t use the flash
  • Don’t zoom
  • Use a tripod for greater stability

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