Businessmen align themselves with Claudia Sheinbaum and the 4T – El Sol de México

Business leaders that another had differences with the Fourth Transformation (4T)this Monday they closed ranks in a meeting with the Morenista presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum.

In a meeting with business leaders from industrial, commerce and employers’ chambersIndustrial captains such as Antonio Basagoiti Pastor of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce stated that “Mexico is well regarded” and has received more investment than in other years.

He even asserted to Sheinbaum that, “Mexico is on the agenda and is in fashion” and maintained that European investors They are arriving in our country and he predicted more will arrive.

In turn, Carlos García, president of the United States Chamber of Commerce (Amchamb) He thanked Sheinbaum for his openness to dialogue and highlighted that he has met with 6 members of the candidate’s team to outline solutions regarding the economy, security and health.

García also expressed that the T-MEC requires adjustments and announced that he will travel to the US to present a document that represents a “clear roadmap” to review the T-MEC.

Claudia Sheinbaum commits to businessmen

Meanwhile, Claudia Sheinbaum promised businessmen that if she comes to power, there will be “economic solidity” and she will maintain healthy and responsible finances, maintaining balance.

When talking about investment opportunities, he expressed that “at exporters “They don’t like the currency to be appreciated.”

Sheinbaum presented a government plan for economic boost and stressed that it focuses on two actions: Simplification of procedures and digitalization.

By highlighting the simplification of procedures, he also expressed that with this we will be able to “start the rheumatic elephant”, evoking the famous phrase mentioned by the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the beginning of his government, in January 2019.

He also mentioned that the infrastructure left by the president must be consolidated.

Alejandro Malagon president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin) He expressed his gratitude to the candidate for the openness and “democratic dialogue that gives us the opportunity to exchange opinions about the country we want,” he said.

He stressed that “in politics there are issues and times to compete and there are issues and times to build.” Likewise, he stressed that “we, the industrialists, are ready to always build the favor of Mexico, that is why, regardless of political colors, we will work with all the enthusiasm with whoever receives the majority vote to head the federal government as of October 1, 2024”, he stressed.

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