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Carlos Miguel Suarez Soto it was in the 80s and 90s one of the soap opera villains most recognized of the Mexican television. Protagonist of several productions Televisa alongside big stars like Ludwika Paleta, Michelle Vieth, Angélica Vale or Gabriel Soto.

Carlos Soto is remembered for “Two women one path”, “Dreamers”, “Friends and rivals”, “Wooden woman, free to love you” but after a terrible event he dedicates himself to selling tacos.

A kidnapping changed his life

The actor who for much of his life played unforgettable villains, He said in an interview for Imagen TV that he decided to get away from the spotlight after an express kidnapping.

In an interview, he said that his tendons were removed, he lost several teeth and the kidnappers made him sign car invoices.

“It was going to be an express kidnapping, but it turned out that when they saw the photos of my daughters and since I also had the high school receipt of one of them, they located them and took me to school leaving time, they just asked them The time. It was so that I would know and go to the banks to withdraw all the money I had. They took me to the house, I had to sign the invoices for two cars I had,” she told the media.

After being released, the actor had a depressive episode because he had lost a large part of the money he had earned from his work; Due to the beatings he could not get a job and had serious health problems.

However, he says that he couldn’t stay without a job so he came up with the idea of ​​opening a taco stand, first basket But it does not work; However, one of his friends shared the recipe for cochinita pibil tacos and that’s when the business started to take off.

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Although he is no longer an actor, Carlos Miguel Soto He fondly remembers his golden age, although he assures that now he likes the way he makes a living, despite the ridicule he may hear.

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