CCXP starts its first edition in Mexico with “Spoiler Night” – El Sol de México

On the night before its opening day, the Comic Culture Experience (CCXP) kicked off its first edition in Mexico City, with “Spoiler Night”, a three-hour experience that a select group of attendees could enjoy.

The fans who purchased the tickets called “Epic Pass” were the ones who lived the experience, in which most of the areas of the convention were enabled, including the Thunder Stage, the main stage of the event, where during the end During the week Giancarlo Esposito, Sidney Sweeney, Álvaro Morte will be present, as well as members of the cast of “The Boys”: Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Chace Crawford, Karen Fukuhara and Claudia Doumit, among other guests.

According to testimonies from fans, the “Spoiler Night” left them satisfied due to the opportunity to experience the convention with a small audience and in a more exclusive way. “The stands are quite interactive, very fun. The Spoiler Night was worth it, because there is space and time for one to enjoy the activities, that is very cool and I really liked it,” said Mariana, an event attendee.

“The fact of being able to come now allows us to enter almost all the stands, there are no lines. To enjoy it, it is a very good night. The artists are not all there, but with those who are we can interact, which I think is very good idea,” mentioned Julio, another fan who attended Spoiler Night.

The CCXP is the largest pop culture event in Latin America, it was founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and this weekend it will have its first edition in Mexico City.

“Our plans are to do more and more incredible things. I would like to talk about how it is a dream to be in Mexico, we started in Brazil but the Brazilian and Mexican cultures are very close, because we put our emotions outward,” he said in the presentation. on the Thunder Stage Pierre Mantavani, co-founder of CCXP and President of Omelete Company, organizer of the event, which in Mexico has Ocesa as an ally.

From May 3 to 5, the days on which it will take place, the CCXP expects 90 thousand visitors in total, 30 thousand per day. On the other hand, the convention will have the presence of 89 brands and 14 sponsors.

It will be from 10 in the morning on Friday, May 3, when the CXXP opens its doors to the general public, with programming dedicated to fans of cinema, television, comics, video games, sports, cosplay and more entertainment disciplines.

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