When could Princess Leonor finish her training at the Military Academy?

Since last August 2023, the famous Princess Eleanor, eldest daughter of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, is preparing to have the best military training possible before receiving the throne of Spain. After completing his two years of high school studies at the United World Collegethe princess returned to her country to join the Spanish army guided by her father.

Princess Leonor’s first steps in the Zaragoza Military Academy They were in the ground cadet training course, where the first year they specialized in ground combat, strategies and teamwork. After this, the young woman will enter the Marin Navyto begin his maritime defense course, and finally, he will complete his army training in the San Javier Air Academy in Murcia. Processes in which you will learn what is necessary to navigate, to be a pilot, to fully serve your country.

These types of courses or training have been designed by her father, the king, who perhaps seeing the difficulty of the military process wants to see that his daughter emerges the best prepared from the Spanish army. After all this information, it could be inferred that the itinerary that Princess Leonor will take will have a duration of three years, time in which you will finish your military trainingthis being something a little strange, since his father, Felipe VI, did all his training in four years, two at the Zaragoza Military Academy, one year at the Marín Navy Academy, and one year at the Air Academy of San Javier.

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