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Ceci Patricia Flores Armentaleader of Searching Mothers of Sonora collectivereported through his personal X account, being a victim of various attacks and political persecution, after having attended the headquarters where the first debate of the candidates for the Presidency of the Republiclast April 7th.

In a video published on the night of Thursday, April 11, the social leader said that, having complained to the Morena candidate about the lack of attention towards the topic of The missingnot only in Sonora, but throughout the country, has caused a wave of criticism and accusations towards him through his social networks.

“I have been a victim of attacks since I dared to complain directly to the Morena candidate that she did not address the issue of the missing. I have received criticism, I have had political persecution; Unfortunately, when mine is not politicking, it is a need for people to see me, to listen to the issue of the missing and orphans, a topic so painful that no one wants to touch”, he expressed.

Flores Armenta explained that they have criticized and persecuted her through her accounts to defame and even insult her, after having been a guest on the day of the debate along with other search mothers, who They regretted that the candidates did not address the issue of the missing and orphans left by violence in the country.

“I was invited to that debate and at no time was the topic of the missing people discussed… And that Claudia Sheinbaum’s people turned their backs on me when they had me in front of them. “That four victims were in that place, they did not deign to greet us, they turned their backs on us, they made faces at us, as if we were in the way in that place,” he noted.

The issue of the missing is something that only mothers understand, she recalled, but that all support is needed to be able to continue the fight to return their children home, regardless of the fatigue and risks that this entails.

“And I hope you understand this word, the need we have to see our children again; Put yourself in our shoes for a second, what would you do if you had two missing children or five, like other colleagues? Wouldn’t you fight against everything and everyone for someone to look at your topic and help us look for them? All we want is our children back home,” she said.

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Finally, she pointed out that, if she has ever offended someone, all she asks is that they see the problem from her shoes, like a mother who will do whatever is necessary to find her missing children, no matter how long it takes.

“Do not attack me, I am not the enemy, we are all a bit of victims,” he concluded.

Note published in The Sun of Hermosillo

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