Tatiana supports Iran Castillo’s career in children’s music – El Sol de México

The queen of children Tatianaasked to support the career of Iran Castlewho has just ventured into a new facet of singer with songs dedicated to the little ones.

“We all have a place in this world, we all have an audience, I saw a song and I liked it, she is a girl who also started singing, I wish her all the success in the world,” said the interpreter of “The Martians Have Already Arrived.”

In the same way, the dancer also invited to put aside the bad comments, because Iran Casillo’s social networks were filled with ridicule for his lullaby for children.

“I think it is important to hold hands like I did at the time and I still do it with Patilú, at the time with the twins, or when Payasitas neither fu nor fa started before me as children and we held hands,” he continued.

Why is Iran Castillo criticized for singing songs for children?

In social networks, Iran Castle received negative comments for venturing into children’s entertainment.

Through its social networks, the artist shared some of his new material where he performs lullabies and with themes for children.

Some of his followers did not hesitate to show their displeasure with the new facet of Iran Castillo, which generated teasing.

“Go to sleep, madam”, “You better say goodbye and stop doing ridiculous things”, “Go to sleep so that Iran doesn’t come out of the castle singing”, “Why did this come up and how do I reveal it?” and “It looks scary,” were some of the comments that the publications have collected.

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On the contrary, Internet users expressed that music is necessary for childhoodssince currently there are few artists who make content for this audience.

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