Celebrities attend the Super Bowl in Las Vegas – El Sol de México

The Super Bowl is one of the most relevant events in the United States, which is clear in the number of personalities that meet each year in the stadium that hosts the event, this year in Las Vegas.

For weeks now, all eyes have been on Taylor Swift and the possibility that the singer might miss the game where her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, could be crowned alongside Kansas City.

However, after performing in Tokyo, Japan, the singer traveled on her private jet to the United States and managed to be present to see the confrontation against San Francisco.

At the stadium, the cameras of attendees and those of the league itself captured Swift at various moments during his arrival at the stadium. Allegiant Stadium.

Already in her box, actress Blake Lively was seen next to the interpreter, who throughout the season, since the relationship between Swift and Kelce began, has attended several games.

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