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He hair It is one of the most important characteristics in the physical Of people, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, healthy hair is always necessary.

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If lately you feel that you hair grows more slow or definitely not anymore it growswe tell you about some factors that may contribute to this situation.

Why doesn’t my hair grow?

The hair loss It is natural, every day human beings lose between 100 and 200 hairs a day.

However, depending on the age, gender or genetics; Hair thickness can thin over time and even grow more slowly.

Genetic heritage

According to the specialized portal, Hair Clinicthe Genetic heritage It determines everything from pigmentation to the maximum length that hair will have throughout a person’s life. The hair cycle is divided into three stages: Anagen (growth), Catagen (rest) and Telogen (fall).

In the last stage, which is the fall, the cycle of growth naturally, however, the pace and duration of the three stagesit varies from one person to another.

hair thinning

He hair thinning may be confused with the idea that hair is growing more slowly due to hair loss. volume.

This situation can trigger aginga fungal infection of the scalp or a poor diet with absence of vitamins, iron and nutrients, according to Sanitas.

Hormonal changes

The hormonal changes They also interfere with hair growth, according to Mayo Clinic In women, for example, pregnancyhe Birth and the menopause can affect the quality of the hair, or people with hair problems thyroidgrowth may also be affected.

Stress, depression and medication use

When a person is subjected to a shocking event, the stress It can have consequences on the hair. People depressed They may suffer from a slowdown in all organic functions, so hair growth may also be affected.

A chronic disease as ddiabetes, lupus, cancer, arthritis or blood pressure can affect hair growth as a result of the side effects of consuming certain medicines.

If you have seen notable changes in the volume or quality of your hairthe ideal is that you go with a specialist to receive a treatment created specifically for your needs.

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