Chertorivski is committed to the withdrawal of the National Guard and Armed Forces from CDMX – El Sol de México

Solomon Chertorivsky, candidate of Citizen movement to the government of Mexico City, declared that public security actions in the country’s capital must be carried out by the local police and not the National Guard and the Armed forcessince these are required in other areas of the country.

After signing the document “Commitment to the construction of peace in Mexico City”, the candidate explained that it is feasible to have a single police corporation in the CDMX to assume all security tasks.

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“My absolute support for the Armed Forces, Army and Navy; “But I am convinced that the Army and Navy must maintain peace on our borders, not dedicate themselves to public security activities that correspond to local civilian police,” he stated.

He commented that the country’s capital has all the capabilities to have the best police in the country, if the 90 thousand elements that the Secretary of Citizen Security locals are well trained and well paid.

The representative of Citizen movement indicated that the “Commitment to Peace” It covers seven thematic axes related to the social fabric, local police, people deprived of liberty, dialogue and the construction of a State policy capable of achieving violence.

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