Margot Robbie surprises with her new look in the best ‘bob’ style

Margot Robbie managed to gain the admiration not only of her fans, but also of all film lovers after her live-action interpretation of the most iconic doll in the world, ‘Barbie‘, where she let us see the compatibility that the actress has with blonde hair, something that undoubtedly highlights her great charisma.

Accustomed to seeing her with her hair below her chest, the celebrity of hollywood surprised when it reached the tenth edition of the Breakthrough Awards at the Los Angeles Film Academy Museum in California, and apparently long hair was no longer an option to consider for Margot Robbie, since He wore a new ‘bob’ style cutleaving this time, her blonde locks above her shoulders.

This clearly attracted the attention of several media dedicated to the beauty and fashionable, the same ones who assure that this classic look will return to trends in the coming seasons of 2024, a fairly fresh hairstyle that is more than optimal for the heated summer transition that is coming.

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