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China condemned today that the American president, Joe Bidencalled de new “dictator” to his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, after the meeting that both had in San Francisco this Wednesday and that has been overshadowed by this controversy.

Biden This is how he responded to a journalist who asked the tenant of the White House if he still considered Xi to be a “dictator”, to which the American leader replied: “Well, look, he is.”

Last June, Biden called Xi a “dictator” for the first time, which caused great unrest in the Asian giant.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning indicated today that the US president’s words are “extremely erroneous and constitute an irresponsible political act.”

However the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chinese did not include in its routine transcript of the daily press conference any mention of the statements or of Biden nor Maoof which there is no trace on the social networks of the Asian country, as is usually the case with specific criticism of the Chinese president.

The spokesperson pointed out that dialogue and cooperation are “the only correct options” to China and the United States in their bilateral relationship.

Xi advocates building bridges

Biden’s statements muddied Xi’s agenda in San Francisco, where he is attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) and where he has advocated “building bridges” with the North American country.

During a dinner with American businessmen in the Californian city – with the presence, among others, of Elon Musk of Tesla and Tim Cook of Apple-, Xi declared: “We must build more bridges and pave more roads for people-to-people interaction. We must not put up barriers.”

Xi said that the US. He should not see China as his main competitor and assured that his country is ready to be “a partner and a friend” of the American country based on the fundamental principles of respect and peaceful coexistence.

Likewise, the Chinese leader assured that his country “is happy to see a confident, open, constantly growing and prosperous United States,” although he added that he hopes that Washington “in turn welcomes a peaceful chinastable and prosperous”.

We must build more bridges and pave more roads for people-to-people interaction. We must not raise barriers

Xi Jinping, president of China

However, the president recommended during his speech that the North American country “not bet againstto China” nor “interfere in their internal affairs.”

Among the attendees, who paid up to 40 thousand dollars For each table of eight diners, there were magnates and CEOs like those mentioned. Musk and Cook; Jane Fraser, representing Citigroup; Darren Woods, from ExxonMobil, or Satya Nadella, from Microsoft.

“Solidarity” in the face of the fentanyl crisis

Xi He took advantage of his speech to convey his “deep solidarity” towards the American people for the suffering inflicted by the consumption and abuse of fentanyl, one of the topics he discussed in his meeting with Bidenwhich resulted in an agreement for China to control the departure from its territory of some chemical products that drug cartels Mexican drug trafficking used to make the fentanyl, according to White House.

“I would like to tell you that China stands in deep solidarity with the American people, especially our young people, for the suffering that fentanyl has inflicted on them,” he said. Xi about the opioid, which claims the lives of almost 200 Americans a day.

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Beijing did not specifically say that an entente had been reached on the fentanyl in his official statement about the meeting with Bidenbut did indicate that an agreement had been reached to create a “working group” on narcotics.

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