“Consent” addresses empathy at the Esperanza Iris City Theater – El Sol de México

Original of the playwright British Nina Raine, Consenta work that oscillates dizzyingly between drama and comedyto talk about critical issues such as gender violencethe application of the law and the administration of justice, tells the story of Ginawho declares that she was raped the night of her sister’s funeral, while the accused maintains that it was a consensual act.

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“This construction site, which talks about empathy, makes us think about justice, how blind it can be, and whether we can actually be objective when dispensing it. Many times we believe that we can be fair when something happens to someone else, but when it happens to ourselves the perspective changes,” he comments to The Sun of MexicoAlfonso Borbolla, who plays Tonythe prosecutor of the case.

Borbolla considers that the reflection on this topic is very pertinent, because “the word consent is very present, but suddenly it seems that it has become dogmatic and empty, as happens with this entire cancellation policy, often erasing the gray of our relationships, for judging everyone from a moral superiority.”

The workwhich will have only two performances this Saturday and Sunday at the Esperanza Iris City Theater“it is a very good comedy, which we sometimes confuse with banality, but the comedy, like the drama or tragedy are vehicles to tell stories and a good comedy, like this one, will make you question things and possibly see a reflection of ourselves that we may not like, to the point of laughing because our image can be monstrous,” he comments. he actor which has developed in the comedy genre in the sseries “Backdoor” and “Egg Eyes”.

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“He theater It has been our mirror by definition for thousands of years. It is the perfect place to meet to question ourselves and discuss what we are as a society and as human beings,” adds Alfonso Borbolla, who highlights the translation and adaptation by Alfredo Michel Modenessi, as well as the directed by Enrique Singerand the performances of his stage partners, Marina de Tavira, Juan Manuel Bernal, Daniela Schmidt, Arturo Barba, Adriana Llabrés and Jana Raluy.

“I feel that I still have many things to do and to perfect in my craft. You are always on edge and don’t know if you are at the top of your career or if something better is coming. But I feel very happy because the public recognizes my job. “I feel very happy with the projects I have done, because I feel that they have a message, that they say something to the public,” she concludes.

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