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Sometimes it is easier to realize than others, however, we say that someone is lying if they point out or affirm the opposite of reality, what they should be, believe or think.

Lying or not telling the truth departs from moral principles and values, but that is not an obstacle for those who see in it the opportunity to influence people’s opinions and decisions.

Surely we have heard that repeating a lie many times will make it true, those who are convinced of that make it a discipline.

Daily we are exposed to the manipulation of true facts, which are disguised or adapted according to the convenience of the so-called 4T, for example, a morning…

A long time before assuming the presidency of the Republic, the always “good candidate” Andrés Manuel López Obrador dedicated himself to pointing out and criticizing what he considered the mistake of the current ruler.

Probably at the time of assuming power, he remembered that being a candidate for many years is not the same as having the responsibility and future of the country in his hands, which is why he dedicated himself to blaming everything on the previous governments.

Today, in the twilight of his administration and just 7 months after concluding his six-year term, he can no longer excuse the poor results of his management in previous governments.

Determined to achieve what he promised during more than 10 years of campaigning, he became convinced of his “true transformation for the country,” and dedicated himself to destroying and attacking what he considered done by “the old regime,” “the conservatives,” or “ the mafia in power.”

Thus, in the last 5 years we have seen attacks against institutions that defend and guarantee our rights, a result of the democracy that was consolidated at the cost of years in the country.

Several examples jump out immediately, such as the fierce fight against the INE, the Supreme Court of Justice, the electoral courts, or even health models, such as popular insurance.

The most recent attempt to deceive and influence public opinion occurs precisely in the context of an electoral contest, as it seeks to once again obtain a benefit for its movement:

The president presented a series of proposals to reform the Constitution, and some time before formally announcing them, he tried – as is customary in the 4T – to generate speculation, saying that the other political parties, whom he calls conservatives, were against it.

However, when reviewing their proposals we find phrasing of things that are a reality today, such as guaranteeing social programs, the right to housing, among others, highlighting the management in the manner and in the discourse of the rights that our laws already recognize.

And these rights are not the merit of the 4T, they are thanks to the generations that for years fought to conquer, maintain and increase the rights that a democratic society allows us.

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