Corona Capital 2023: Phoenix, The Hives and Two Door Cinema Club shine on the first day – El Sol de México

The 2023 edition of the Corona Capital started its activities this Friday, bringing together 80 thousand attendees, in turn 4 of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. The group The Hives was one of the star acts of the night.

With their psychedelic sound, The Hives took over the main stage of the Corona Capital, where dozens of fans were eagerly waiting for them. “I trust you guys to do your best. We’re going to sing some rock and roll,” said vocalist Pelle Almqvist.

The festival activities began around 3:00 p.m., with the participation of artists such as Claud, Soccer Mommy and Kenny Hoopla, who began to warm up their engines on the secondary stages.

The Hives put a happy atmosphere on the main stage of the Corona Capital, where with good humor and irreverence they thrilled the audience, performing hits like “Countdown to shutdown” and “Hate to say I told you so.”

“Thank you. Thank you very much, dear friends,” said vocalist Pelle Almqvist in Spanglish, who at various times during the show came off the stage to mingle closely with his fans. “There is never silence at the Hives concert. Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in the back, are you having a good time at our show? ”He expressed.

The musician constantly interacted with his fans, asking them to raise their hands and make noise. His commitment to the Mexican public was such that he even confessed to having learned some words in Spanish for this show. “I love you,” he shouted.

“I’m going to tell you that it is my first Corona, and I come for the first time because it appeals to the taste of people my age. It is a totally nostalgic edition,” said Luz, a 42-year-old fan from Mexico City, who came accompanied by her friends.

Minutes before The Hives’ show, on the Vans stage, the group Phoenix reviewed hits such as “Lisztomania”, “Tonight”, “Too young” and “Armistice”.

“We want to see you guys. We want to hear them too, thank you for learning all the songs. Every show in Mexico City is special for us, every single time,” said Thomas Mars, vocalist of the group.

In addition to the musical acts, attendees could also enjoy the traditional activations that the different brands placed in the place. From virtual reality games, to a skating rink and makeup booths, there were diverse options to choose from.

On the main stage, the British group Two Door Cinema Club raised the spirits of the audience, with a repertoire made up of hits such as “This Is The life” and “Once”, one of their most recent songs.

It is worth remembering that their participation last year was canceled due to health problems of their bassist, Kevin Bird, so on this occasion the public seemed to have wanted to make up for that lost time, and received them with great affection.

“How are you Corona Capital? Let’s go! “Exclaimed vocalist Alex Trimble, who throughout his show was in very good humor, and excited by the euphoria of his fans.

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