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Danna Paola has just released the trailer for her next song “Childstar”, which has already been involved in a controversy due to alleged plagiarism that several people accused on social networks.

According to the comments, the interpreter of “Sodio” and “Oye Pablo”, would have based his video on the work of several songs by Lali Espósitoan Argentine artist.

“The level of PLAGIARISM that Danna Paola handles is incredible, it is really a lack of respect for a colleague who always supported her,” says a user on X who shared a video with the similarities in the videos.

Did Danna Paola plagiarize Lali Espósito?

The similarities in songs They are not found in the letters, but in the shots of various videos, from danna walking in a dark alley, to a scene with several dancers.

He similar What stands out the most is in the play of red and black lights where the artists appear lying next to several people, something that the Argentine did in the video for “Disciplina”, a song that came to light in 2022.

This sparked several comments, as there are those who claim that despite the similarities, everything could be due to a simple inspiration in Lali Esposito.

This is not the first time the work of danna in an alleged plagiarism issuebecause in 2022 his song “XT4S1S” was compared to “Valkyrie”, by the Korean group ONEUS.

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On this occasion, users on social networks assured that both songs sounded exactly the same, so It was assured that Danna Paola had plagiarized the song.

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