Due to solar eclipse, Monday morning will be in Mazatlán: AMLO – El Sol de México

“On Monday we are going to be in Mazatlán, the morning is going to be held in Mazatlán, we are going to go through the schedule, it is an hour difference so that you can learn about security in Sinaloa, among other topics, and also address what is related to the eclipse,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador this Thursday in his morning conference, from the National Palace.

The president had already reported that he planned to hold his conference in the Northeast, an area where the astronomical phenomenon can best be appreciated.

For this reason, he stressed that tomorrow, Friday, he will offer a report on the eclipse in his morning conference, “we are going to give information about this eclipse, specialists are going to come, it will be like a workshop for all of us to learn,” said the president.

Prior to this information, the president once again expressed his joy at the ruling not to prohibit the dissemination of his most recent book, “Thank you!”

“Yesterday the Court ruled that the book was not banned, freedom triumphed, censorship lost, that is what I can tell you,” the president mentioned from the Treasury Room.

Yesterday, Wednesday, he had already published a video where he expressed his approval for this decision. Since the opposition had filed a complaint with the electoral authority, considering that the book constituted an act of political propaganda.

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