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For more than two decades, Danna Paolastarred in different melodramas, which caused him to forget his own essence. After giving life to “Lucretia” in the “Elite” seriesdecided to move away from acting to embark on a journey of introspection and find out who he really is.

During that stage, he wrote and let off steam, as a form of therapy; so she created her most recent album titled “Childstar”, which will be available on April 11 on digital platforms and with which she begins a new stage as Danna.

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“It was crazy to know that I myself am creating this material from my craziness, my dreams, nightmares, my monsters, from my darkness, because in the end as a human being I believe that also this image that everyone has had of me for so many years a character in my life,” he said at a press conference.

“I had many personalities through my characters And that’s why I stopped acting, because I needed to leave someone else’s skin to be able to discover myself and know what skin I’m in, know what person I am, with all my experiences,” he added.

He album It has 13 songs that reflect stories of love, heartbreak, moments of darkness, depression, anxietybut also partying.

“For me it is a project that has been going on for almost four years, I could say since the pandemic. It has been a process of a lot of personal introspection, of making peace with my past, I have discovered many things about my life, my childhood, that have sometimes been very dark, but at the same time that has led me to be the woman and the artist that I am now.

“This project was very much honoring these references artists popstar that I grew up with and trusting the vision I had in my head,” he said.

“1 drink”, “XT4S1S”, “I still love you”, “222”, “Dawn”, “We have to talk” and “VTR3” These are some of the songs that make up the material.

Its design and visualization of the concept includes certain symbolism such as a star and a drain. The first refers to his past, the way he grew up over the years and what the importance of the word in his life means.

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“I have worked a lot to get to where I am, no one has given me anything, I want to continue polishing myself like a diamond, we have to keep doing it to shine more and more. The stars, to shine, also have to go extinct and they live in a completely dark universe and they need that to shine, I identify myself completely, especially because I am not a shooting star, I am not a passing star, I finally found my purpose,” he said. .

On the other hand, the drain is that world into which he once fell. At the bottom of it are hands that do not let go, but neither do they let her be, as she commented.

“It means my agoraphobia, my anxiety, toxicity, the industry, the toxic fans, the press, everything that we romanticize and don’t realize,” he said.

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