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The plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies approvedduring this Wednesday’s session, a reform to the Federal Consumer Protection Law that prohibits banks from charging commissions for paying with cards banking or similar.

This is a reform approved unanimously, with 446 votes in favor, which adds an article 7 and reforms article 127 to the consumer protection law with which, prohibits the charging of commissionsamounts, charges or equivalents to consumers when paying with credit carddebit or other similar means.

The law endorsed by legislators of all parties stipulates that: “it is prohibited for suppliers of goods, products or services to charge commissions, amounts, additional or equivalent charges to consumers when they use a debit, credit or card as a means of payment. means of physical disposition of resources.”

How much is the fine for charging a commission on card payments?

In accordance with the reform of article 127 of the federal Consumer Protection Law, the penalty fee by charge commission in it pay with card it can go from the 701.15 pesos, up to 2 million 243 thousand 671.49 pesos.

The opinion of the reform, endorsed during the ordinary session this Wednesday in San Lázaro, was referred to the Senate for review, discussion and eventual approval.

The opinion indicates that in some cases it was detected that some commercial establishments usually charge commissions, what are they going 3 to 5 percent on the total value of the purchase or service, in cases where payment is made through a credit or debit card. Which fails to comply with the agreements with banking institutions that do not charge for the use of terminals to pay by card.

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