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One of the most anticipated days for fans of Bizarrap and Natanael Cano has finally arrived with the premiere of “BZRP Music Session #59”.

The topic had been brewing for months, but neither of the two artists had officially communicated their collaboration, which caused social networks to be filled with speculation and rumors.

Finally, it was “Nata” himself who in mid-March announced the release of his material in 2024, tagging the collaborators of his next singles, among whom was the Argentine star of musical production.

The publication generated enormous expectations, as it also The names of Peso Pluma, Belinda and Anuel AA stood outbut it was the confirmation of his duet with Bizarre the one that monopolized the biggest spotlights.

Already at the beginning of this week, the 25-year-old Argentine producer shared a teaser that broke social networks, appearing alongside the singer from Hermosillo in a video with an aesthetic that refers to the underworld of urban music.

For BZRP mark a new meeting with one of the greats idols of the corridos lying downalmost a year after its 55th session, next to Featherweight.

He “BZRP Music Session #59” will be available on the main digital music platforms starting at 5:00 p.m.

Natanael Cano would not be the only Sonoran interpreter to join the sessions of BizarrrapWell, last August, Caborca ​​native Luis R Conriquez confirmed that he was already in talks with the Argentine star for an upcoming collaboration.

Through a “Ask me a question” session on his Instagram stories, the “King of Corridos Bélicos” was asked about a possible launch alongside the three-time Latin Grammy winner, to which he responded without hesitation: “Now It is spoken.”

Although he did not offer more details about it and it is not known if the musicians have already met in the recording studio, so we will have to wait for more news in the coming weeks.

What does Natanael Cano’s song with Bizarrap say?

The almost six-minute long song is divided into two chapters: starting with “Diamonded” and continuing at two minutes and 33 seconds with “Among the 20s.”

Endiamantado, always flown / Now they look at me and I’m lying down / Many have failed me / But I’ve already spent / Much more money than I’ve earned,” “El Nata” sings at the beginning of the song with a lot of urban flow.

The second chapter begins with an electronic atmosphere that gives rise to guitar chords playing in the best tradition of corridos tumbados, accompanied by a music video where you can see Bizarrap and Natanael Cano riding a horse in the big city.

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