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He universe It still has many secrets kept, currently its size is not known for sure, however, the scientific community little by little progress is made in knowing in depth how it is formed and how its continuation occurs. evolution.

Recently, a investigation has taken on the task of understanding what happens when a galaxy, made up of millions of stars, ages.

The ASTRO 3D research center, in Australiaexplains that the age of the galaxies It is a determining factor in the movement of stars that make it up.

When these are younger their suns keep an orderly pattern, but as time passes the stars inside them begin to have more movement. chaotic.

The research you publish Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society indicates that the tendency of stars to random motion depends above all on the age of the galaxy and not so much on its mass or environment.

“If you find a young galaxy it will be rotating, whatever the environment it is in, and if you find one galaxy old, it will have more random orbits, whether it is in a dense environment or a vacuum,” said Scott Cromm researcher at ASTRO 3D.

Another characteristic of young galaxies is that they are star factories, while older ones stop star formation.

“We know that age depends on the environment. If a galaxy falls into a dense environment, it will tend to stop star formation. Therefore, the galaxies located in denser environments are, on average, older,” said Jessse van de Sande, another member of the research.

He ASTRO 3D studio allows astronomers to rule out many processes when trying to understand the formation of galaxies and thus refine the models of how the universe.

What is the oldest galaxy?

The oldest galaxy in the entire universe has by name CEERS-93316it is estimated that it is 35 billion light years from the Land.

Its origin would have occurred only 235 million years after the big Bangaccording to a study published by the University of Edinburgh and other astronomy institutes in Europein April 2023.

This old galaxy could be found thanks to the technology of James Webb Telescopewhich despite its great capacity could not capture in a defined way the shape or colors of this galaxy.

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