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LucasFilmthe producer of Star Warssued a carwash in Santiago de Chile, for supposedly plagiarize the theme of the saga.

The company has gained popularity in social networks for offering their services in the pure style of the Star Wars.

According to a Reuters interview, the law firm of “Star Wash” said that the owner, Matías Jara, was carrying out the process of registering his trademark with INAPI, the Chilean patent authority, when he received a demand from the creator of the franchise, LucasFilmof Walt Disney DIS.N.

According to Jara’s defense, the production company founded by George Lucas seeks to prevent the name from being registered on the grounds that the trademark could get confused and appear to be affiliated with the brand “Star Wars”.

The demand would not be related to the fact that car wash employees use costumes of characters of the saga when they carry out their work in the establishment, according to what the lawyers said.

What is it like and how did the name Star Wash come about?

Matías Jara, the owner of the business, said that the name “Star Wash” It was an idea from his daughter, who came up with it when they traveled to disney in the US.

“We have a car wash called Star Washwhich is a stellar wash, we don’t make movies, we don’t sell anything about them or anything like that,” the man said.

On his TikTok account “Star Wash” He often posts videos of his employees cleaning the cars. Some look like Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett and Cassian Andor while they remove the foam with hoses to their cars customers.

The owners of the carwash They didn’t miss the opportunity to make a video joking about the lawsuit LucasFilmwaiting for the force accompany them.

“In a galaxy plagued by conflicts, a legal battle of epic proportions emerges. In it epicenter of this war, “Star Wash”a modest family business finds himself caught in a confrontation with the imposing LucasFilm”, expressed the company on the social network.

The rest of the message explains that the multimillion-dollar firm alleges that “Starwash” attacks against the domains of “Star Wars” which could cause confusion and take improper advantage of the brand.

@starwashchile In a galaxy rife with conflict, a legal battle of epic proportions emerges. At the epicenter of this war, “Star Wash”, a modest family business, is caught in a confrontation with the imposing Lucasfilm Empire 🌌 The lawsuit sparks the confrontation, alleging that the name “Star Wash” threatens the domains of the legendary “Star Wars” brand, triggering concerns that it could sow confusion and take undue advantage of renowned galactic fame. We will stay strong. the force is with us 🖤 Open Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 19:00. Av Ossa, 2218, The Queen 🤩 #starwars #darthvader #demand #carwash #chili ♬ original sound – Starwashchile

“We will stay strong. May the force be with us“, conclude the owners of ““Star Wash”.

At the moment Jara is contesting the lawsuit; their lawyers They point out that the name is different enough from the franchise “Star Wars” to avoid confusion.

Furthermore, they ensure that the Copyright of the production company, although they cover products such as toys, furniture and soft drinksdo not extend to the car cleaning.

With information from Reuters

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