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The driver’s license is a document that allows people with private car or motorcycleuse them to move from one place to another both in the Mexico City as in any state of the Republic.

Therefore, it is important that people over 18 years who want to drive, process this document that will allow them to do so legally.

Below you will be able to find out the costs of a driver’s license for private vehicles and how to complete the process.

What price will the driver’s license have in CDMX?

The Mobility Secretariat (Semovi), in charge of this procedure, has not yet reported any change in the rates that will be taken into account. 2024. For the moment, the rates for private public transportation remain as follows:

  • License A – private cars: 989 pesos

  • Type A1 License – motorcyclists: 495 pesos

  • Type A2 License – private cars and motorcyclists: 989 pesos

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Remember that the issuance and replacement of any of the three previous types of license is three years.


Do not forget that to carry out the process of your driver’s license You must have the following documents:

1. Official identification (original, current and with photograph).

2. Proof of address for Mexico City.

3. Paid Catch Line

How to process it?

If you already have the documents ready, you can continue with the corresponding steps to complete the process and receive it.

  • Enter the page of the Secretariat of Administration and Finance CDMX and select the type of license you want to process (A, A1, A2), and complete the forms with the corresponding data.
  • When you obtain your capture line, you can continue with the online payment, or download a form to pay in treasury. The payment locations and their schedules are available.
  • When you have the complete documents, request a appointment in one of the Vehicle Control and License Modules of the Ministry of Mobility. Choose the date and time of your preference.

  • At your appointment they will review your documents, take your photo, and immediately give you your driver’s license. Preferably verify on the spot that all the data is correct.

The following modules are also available for processing, renewal or replacement:

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