During yoga class on Tulum beach, sailors are recorded in pursuit – El Sol de México

An expert in yoga I enjoyed the beaches of Tulum, Quintana Rooon a sunny day he decided to practice some postures without knowing that he would witness a chase.

Jayson Barniskewho teaches classes in the Mexican Caribbean, made a live broadcast from his Instagram account, to share a sample of his work.

However, while the teacher yoga student was concentrated and standing on his hands, behind him a man in shorts was running at full speed fleeing from two items who allegedly wore a uniform similar to that of the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) and they carried long weapons.

Social networks are surprised by persecution in Tulum

The followers of Jayson Barniske Those watching the broadcast were surprised to perceive the moment.

The video that was made viralalready has more than a thousand reactions and at least a hundred comments between astonishment and fear because insecurity.

“Tell me that you are in Mexico without telling me that you are in Mexico”, “Wow, how dangerous” and “Wow, how dangerous”were some of the responses to the video.

The yoga instructor, Jayson Barniskehas a Internet page where he offers his service as a specialist in the subject, the cost for the classes Ashtanga Yoga which teaches in Tulum, Quintana Roo, They range from 300 to 2,500 pesos.

On the Linktree page, he also presents himself as the author of “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Enlightenment.”

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