This is the most popular item of clothing among KPop Idols during Christmas 2023

In the year 2023 and especially on the most important dates of the year, many Idols of the kpop They showed that there is a common garment that everyone wanted to wear, and that undoubtedly made them look much more attractive and handsome.

Each one with their personal style and their skills to conquer the world exuded sensuality when wearing a frequent garment. The garment appeared to be a sweater, although for many it is like a type of accessory that they wore with something else. It is a high-necked shirt, and it had the particularity of being a mesh.

The black viscose mesh was made by the Italian luxury brand, Valentinofor their fall/winter collection and served as an essential element in the outfits of the most important Idols of the moment.

The members V and Jimin of BTS, BM of KARD, the actor of Cha-Cha-Cha, Kim Seon Ho, TXT’s Yeonjun, among others, chose to use this element that made them look modern and elegant at the same time. Some of them even appeared in K-Dramas, like when actor Kim Seon Ho’s character appeared in an episode of Netflix while he was shopping in a mall, and he was just wearing tights and a black blazer.

While some chose to cover themselves a little more with other clothes, other KPop Idols did want to look much more sexy using the garment without anything else on top. What is certain is that each of them in their own way gave different and unique vibes, managing to make their fans fall in love with them.

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