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At the end of 2013, Sofía and Jimena came of age, and for the first time they will be able to vote for their electoral representatives. They will be governed by the first President of Mexico in history. They have been friends since elementary school and like most teenagers they like to have fun, go out dancing and drink some drinks. They currently study at the same university, but they could have been part of another statistic if their parents had not made the right decisions.

The distance between CDMX and Cuernavaca, Morelos is 90 km. In the last few hours, the so-called “eternal spring” has become media attention due to the alleged express kidnapping of a senior clergyman of the Catholic Church, the murder of journalist number 44 so far this six-year term and the armed attack in a therapy area. intensive care of a hospital; But there are stories that, fortunately, took another direction, as was the case of Sofía and Jimena.

After so much insistence, these young women convinced their parents to let them go to a bar in the center of the capital of Morelos. The condition was one, that their parents accompany them and sit at another table to let them talk and have fun with the privacy that any human being requires. Not many hours passed, and what happens in any nightclub happened, dancing, alcohol and the service of the waiters when ordering food and more drinks… the parents of the teenagers did not expect the following:

  • Waiter: “Bosses, we see that you are looking at the table over there a lot, tell us which one do you like? Right now we give you something in your drinks, we box them up and give them to you, just tell us which one.”

They immediately got up from the table and took their daughters away without saying anything at all. The panic did not prevent them from making the best decision, which was not to leave the place; but having accompanied his daughters. That moment prevented Sofía and Jimena from becoming another statistic of the electoral missing, which are the people who will not be able to vote on June 2nd.

Data from the National Search Commission, 114,926 Mexicans are missing. It is recorded that in 2022 Morelos, during the government of Cuauhtémoc Blanco, 738 people disappeared. Despite this misfortune, let us remember that the historian Daniel Cosío Villegas commented about the shaved ones on the electoral roll, who were the dead who came out of their graves to support the PRI. One month before the election, let’s hope that the “dead do not vote.”

Likewise, it is in five entities where 50 percent of cases of this crime are concentrated, such as Jalisco, Tamaulipas, Edo. Méx., Veracruz and NL. In Mexico more than 100 thousand people left their homes one day and have not returned. In the press they call them “disappeared”, but many of their families are still waiting for them for dinner.

On May 19, the third debate for the Presidency will take place, one of the topics is security; and in view of this meeting, organizations such as Reinserta have convened forums for the applicants to respond, How will they prevent organized crime from continuing to recruit minors? As was the case that night in Morelos where the waiters who offered their parents to their own daughters to trap them were teenagers and also victims of organized crime.

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