Director Iván López Reynoso will present works by Giuseppe Verdi and Gaetano Donizetti – El Sol de México

Excited to see that in the shows he directs there are more and more young audiencehe director of Iván López Reynoso orchestra He believes that thanks to this, the perception that art is only for the elite is changing.

“This means that the message sent about seeing culture as the great companion of humanity is reaching and is having repercussion and impact,” he shares in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

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In his opinion, this reinforces the idea that culture generates awareness and moves, not limited to a spectacle. Given his experience around the world, he has realized how In Mexico you live the cultural experience with great dedication and a lot of passion.

“I have heard a lot that opera and music is an art for a certain audience, or for a knowledgeable or older audience, and that could not be more false. Culture is a right, it is open, it is for everyone, it is not selective. “It is the most open living area that exists.”

When asked what works he suggests for someone approaching opera for the first time, he explains that it depends on each person’s personal tastes, since There are those who prefer romantic comedy, thriller or action.

Opera has all that, it is a spectacle without limits, because it tells stories as varied as cinema. It was like the seventh art, a show created at the moment that brought together the public and society, that is its purpose, to tell stories and for the stage to be a mirror and an opportunity for the public to know themselves better.”

Presents its most challenging tour

López Reynoso will travel to different countries and cultures on what he describes as the most challenging tour of his career.. For the director, each place has its own personality and style, so everyone who arrives in a new location arrives with an open mind and willing to form a good relationship with his or her colleagues.

“I like to listen to the work team that I have, creating harmony, communing with the ideas of others, and in this way dialogue not only with the works and the authors, but also with the different audiences, with the traditions of each place. and every theater,” he commented.

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The repertoire of these presentations focuses on the Italian composers Giuseppe Verdi and Gaetano Donizetti, and will visit places such as Guadalajarathe Mexico City, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Atlanta and Dallas.

In Mexico it will be presented on the days May 3, in the Blas Galindo Room of the Cenart, with the Symphony Orchestra of the Pan American University; he May 11 at the Santander Complex in Guadalajara with the Higinio Ruvalcaba Chamber Orchestra and the May 17 with the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Guanajuato in the Main Theater of said city.

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