Filmmaker Alberto Corredor addresses grief through horror in “Baghead” – El Sol de México

He director Alberto Corredor reflects on grief in his debuta tape horror titled “Baghead: contact with death”whose protagonist is a witch capable of bringing back people from beyond.

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In interview with The Sun of Mexico, the filmmaker stressed that the creature is a kind of metaphor for pain. “Since the beginning of time it has existed. On the one hand it is this acceptance of death that we cannot have, we always have the hope that there must be something more, we cannot believe that it is over and we leave.”

The tapestarring the British Freya Allan (“The witcher”)follows the events that unfold when a young woman named “Iris” inherits an abandoned pub, which used to belong to her father.

But without knowing it, along with the property she also acquires the custody of a witch who lives in the basement, and whose ability to contact the dead makes the girl a target for people willing to pay large amounts of money to use the creature powers.

“There is this part of believing that there are people with abilities who can put us in contact with those who have already passed away, it is natural, it is something we all deal with. It is also about grief in our lives, because we will all come to that, we are all mortal, in the process we want to find an escape,” commented the director.


Freya, who debuts in the horror cinema With this film, he commented that for his interpretation he surrendered to elements of “reality and logic”, since he considers it necessary to have a natural reaction to give more realism to a performance within the horror genre.

With respect to the theme of filmbelieved that the need to talk to the dead again stems from a human survival instinct that prevents us from accepting the end of life.

“It is something natural for us, to survive and stay alive. I think that we are curious beings from birth, we cannot let things pass, we like the unknown. We always look for answers to everything, that is why we have evolved so much, there is a lot of science and discovery,” he commented.


The script of this story is based on a short film homonymous, directed by Corredor himself and written by Lorcan Reilly, which was released in 2017. The director assures that the good reviews received after the premiere led him to explore the possibility of turning it into a feature film.

“I wanted to create something with this iconic witch character, we had to find the right people in the circuit of festivals“, and trying to find someone who knew what the story was about, and what we were trying to do, deep down, is a story about not accepting our past,” he said.

On the way he met several producersamong which stands out Roy Lee, who has been involved in other great horror titles such as “The Hoop”, “It” (in its most recent version) and “Barbarian”, with whom he carried out this tape of electrifying special effects and psychological terror. “Baghead” opens this February 8 in movie theaters, it is suitable for teenagers and adults.

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