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By Blanca Alcalá

In the tapestry of Mexican political history, women have been fundamental architects, challenging stereotypes, leading changes and paving the way for new generations. This legacy resonates in every corner of the country, reminding us that politics is a powerful tool to shape the destiny of a nation and transform the lives of its citizens.

Therefore, our call goes beyond historical reflection. Today, Mexico needs new leaders who are capable of weaving a future where equality is not only an aspiration, but is a palpable reality. It is urgent that all women close ranks among us, not only complying with numerical parity, but also occupying positions of power that allow us to directly influence decision-making.

We recently presented the book “Deciphering Mexico: Essays from the Perspective of Women Experts”, which seeks to shed light on the challenges and opportunities we face. It is a call to decipher not only the past, but also the present and the future that we want for Mexico.

I call on all women to lead with temperance, to build bridges instead of walls. Mexico needs leadership that promotes unity and collaboration, that finds common solutions beyond differences. Let us continue to decipher our collective potential and build together the Mexico we want: an inclusive, fair Mexico led by women committed to the well-being of the entire society.

And to do this, it is imperative to break the polarization that separates and threatens our coexistence. Joining efforts is more productive than dividing, let us advocate for temperance in politics, seeking common ground, even in the midst of our legitimate differences.

Mexico deserves leadership that transcends partisan and ideological barriers. We must work to build consensus, adopt inclusive solutions and promote constructive dialogue. The future we seek will not be built from confrontation, but from collaboration and mutual understanding. The future of Mexico inevitably involves dialogue and consensus.

I also want to see my state, the state of Puebla, move towards equality and eradicate gender violence, to chart paths towards a society where all women have the freedom to decide about our lives and where opportunities do not know gender.

Gender violence cannot be tolerated. Women in public office must promote policies that protect and defend the rights of all, combating any form of violence. Sisterhood, solidarity between women, is essential to expand our network of demands and achieve significant changes.

I invite everyone to work together for a more just and equal country. Let us continue to decipher the potential of our collective actions and build the Mexico of the future that we long for, a Mexico where all women and men have the same opportunities and rights.

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