Getting SMEs out of Resico encourages informality: Coparmex – El Sol de México

The Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) asked the Tax Administration Service (SAT) make the processes for demanding obligations more flexible Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) that are found in the Simplified Trust Regime (Resico)since its departure encourages informality.

“In Coparmex We are convinced that formality is the necessary path to improve contributions, which must be fair and proportional, with flexible modalities,” added the Coparmex it’s a statement.

The organization noted that the Resico emerged as an administrative simplification to provide access to formality to individuals with business activities, professionals, tenants who are dedicated to the primary sector and receive income of up to 3.5 million pesos annually. However, various updates to taxpayers’ economic obligations by the SAT caused the massive expulsion of Resico MSMEs.

“It is essential to emphasize that the essence of these administrative facilities is to promote formality and timely compliance with obligations for those who have a business,” added the Coparmex.

Therefore, the Coparmex called to pay taxes to the communities under fairer schemes MSMEs so that formality can be encouraged.

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“The tax authority will have an ally from Coparmex to find the best routes for compliance and attention to obligations from the business sector, without affecting our members or endangering the viability of the formal economy, which represents millions of MSMEs in the country,” he concluded.

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