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National Guard personnel has the order to protect at least three water wells that supply the mayor’s office Benito Juarez.

Yesterday in the well Mirafloreslocated five minutes from the Plaza Mexicotwo elements of the National Guard They guarded the facilities of the Mexico City Water System.

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“We are given orders to protect and take care of the material, we are not responsible for the water, only the material for the pump,” one of them declared to The Sun of Mexico.

The well is immersed in San Pedro de los Pinosa completely residential colony in which its inhabitants have not reported, so far, poor quality in the water they receive. A National Guard van accompanies surveillance.

The mayor’s authorities Benito Juarez They reported, through a brief message, that they were not notified about federal surveillance at the wells Miraflores, Pombo Garden and Rosendo Arnaiz. “Elements of the National Guard They reached wells that supply the colonies, where they detected contaminated water. We have not been notifiedhence We do not know the reason for his presence”.

Yesterday morning another pair of guards were in those wellshowever, this newspaper visited the site in the afternoon and confirmed that the surveillance was no longer.

The element that protects the well Miraflores assured that He is also in charge of taking care of the Campana and Rosendo Arnaiz wells.within the same mayor’s office, and the Casso wellin the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s officejust over two kilometers from the Alfonso XIII welllocated by the capital government as the origin of contaminated water.

He Sunday, April 7, the head of Government, Martí Batres, reported that these wells had already been analyzed and there was no trace of contaminants. The first link reviewed was the liquid coming from the Cutzamala Systemthen the one that arrives from the tank St. Lucia and that of the wells Rosendo Arnaiz, Miraflores and Pombo Garden. Batres He stated that none of them is the origin of the problem.

They evaluate demand

“You put water on the plants and they almost die, if that’s what it does to the plants, I don’t want to imagine what it does to my health.“, says Gloria Alcocer, that like Other residents of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office demand an explanation clear about what contaminated the well Alfonso XIII.

Neighbors of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office They prepare a complaint for negligence against those responsible for the contaminated water that has been coming to their homes for 15 days and that is now causing a rash.

We are going to file a complaint, yes we are already preparing a lawsuit, We have an extraordinary team of lawyers who is preparing it and in Once all the areas are covered, we will raise it against all the people who are responsible. and we can verify their irresponsibility, their criminal negligence or any other type of crime that we find,” said the representative of the affected neighbors, Cristina Montemayor.

He pointed to Mexico City Water System (Sacmex) to be the main responsible of “carry poisoned water” to the homes of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office and also criticized the head of the capital’s government, Martí Batres, because he assures that he is omitting information regarding the use of water and the contaminant it contains.

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“Since there is the water smelling like oilto gasolinelook here are my hands, here is my neck, my hand and look how it is going up (the dermatitis). I’m already bathing with jugs of water“, he said Carmen Garcia Benavideswho also questioned the work of the capital authorities for “neglecting the water” of the neighbors.

They are at least nine neighborhoods of the mayor’s office affected by contaminated water: Sports City, Del Valle, Extremadura, Naples, Narvarte, Christmas Eve, Nonoalco, San Juan, Tlacoquemécatl and Mixcoac. With information from Jonathan Padilla

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