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For Maro, Sharing talent with other performers is a critical element which allows you to grow as an artist. “I have always been a person who believes that everything is better in collaboration. Joining forces and doing something together has a lot of power for me,” the Portuguese artist mentioned in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

In his musical career, Maro has collaborated with Jacob Collier, The Paper Kites and Jessie JHowever, your connection with others will take a special level in the concert you will give in The Cantoral next to Judit Nerddermann, Paula Prieto and Caro de la Muela, whose concept he considers unusual.

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The industry tries to pit women against each other. I love that it’s not like that, that the four of us are living a moment together in the same place. It is always very good to have moments like these to remind us that this is the true purpose,” she mentioned.

It’s so cool that I don’t know Paula personally. and Expensive, so I think it is very powerful to have the opportunity to experience something like that in a room. I admire them a lot, I admire their music. “It makes me very excited,” she added.

The show, which represents the union of Europe and America through the voices of four singers, is organized by the producer Juan Carlos Paz and Bridgewho at different times in his career was part of Armando Manzanero’s backing band, as well as musical director and drummer of Camilo Sesto and Rocío Durcal.

“I was very happy when he thought of me. She invited me. Being part of this is great. What you are doing, bring together women artists and do this concert. It is an honor. It’s going to be a unique concept, I don’t know when we can do it again. There are four of us singing everyone’s songs, some alone, some together. I think it will be a very memorable moment,” Maro mentioned.

It has an international history

Currently, Maro has seven studio albums, the latest being “Hortelã”, in which guitarists Pau Figueres and Darío Barroso participate. This album, released in 2023, as well as the rest of his discography, are the result of an international formation, which had a fundamental stage in Boston and Los Angeles.

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“Mainly it was an opportunity to meet people from all over the world, from different cultures, who play different things. That inspired me a lot and has brought me good things. I had the opportunity to meet incredible people,” she said of her time at USA.

The cultural exchange, the place of residence or even each sentimental moment contribute to your proposal. “I always write according to what happens in my life. “Hortelã” It is more in Portuguese because I spent the last two years in Portugal with my family. It was closing the chapter, I had some more complicated years, My grandfather left and it was the first time losing someone close to him. In the end this album came as a catharsis‘”.

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