Goodbye forever: Metro officially says goodbye to the magnetic ticket – El Sol de México

He Metro Collective Transportation System (STC) of Mexico City reported that next Saturday, April 20, will be the last day that it will accept magnetic ticket to access its facilities.

Therefore, on Sunday the 21st, the use of the Integrated Mobility Card (MI)through the turnstiles and electronic readers that are already in operation in the 12 Metro lines.

According to the STC, The MI card will be available at ticket offices and vending machineswhile the ticket will completely disappear from the system.

Line 2, which goes from Cuatro Caminos to Taxqueña, and line 3, from Indios Verdes to Universidad, were the last lines where the modernization of turnstiles and readers; However, the work has been completed, so the ticket will no longer be a way to access the transportation service, since they no longer have the slot where it was inserted.

“The organization asks users to take this notice into account to prevent them from entering the stations of the aforementioned Lines, at whose ticket offices they will be able to purchase prepaid cards, as well as recharge them, as in the card vending machines distributed on the network,” the Metro pointed out.

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For several months, in the 24 stations of Line 2, and the 21 of Line 3; tickets were received, but this will conclude in eight days.

The ticket has been the form of access to the Metro since 1969, but its validity will definitively end in the coming days.

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