Baja California seeks to attract medical tourism also from Europe – El Sol de México

Baja California, known as the favorite destination for American medical tourism, now looking to welcome European visitors with this purpose, as expressed this Friday by the Secretary of Tourism of said territorial entity, Miguel Aguiñiga.

The state, which borders California, has certified clinics, “top-level” doctors, as well as affordable prices for both medical treatments and accommodations, Aguiñiga said in statements to EFE at the Tianguis Turístico, the main event in Mexico of this industry.

“Mainly, (highlights) that geographical position where you can cross in one way (practical from the United States), stay for a day, serve you and then return,” he explained at the event, held in the port of Acapulco.

The official pointed out that this generates economic income for the state, which is why they are “actively promoting, together with the medical clusters, all these benefits of providing care in Baja California, in cities like Tijuana and Mexicali,” both bordering the United States.

As an example, he cited a direct flight between London and San Diego, a city in California that borders Tijuana, which is why they already register European tourists who “cross the border to have some dental procedures or some surgeries.”

Although Aguiñiga recognized that the natural market is North American, he argued that Baja California can also be attractive to Europeans.

“I think the key is geographic position with the California border, air connectivity, not only the Baja California airports, but the San Diego airport itself, and in price-quality we have costs that are considerably lower than those of these countries but with very high quality,” he explained.

The official noted that in Baja California there are “certified doctors in San Diego, in the United States,” which “makes it much more attractive.”

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The secretary reported that the tourism received by the northwestern state of Mexico comes between 70% and 75% from the United States, between 15% and 20% from Canada and the rest from Europe, South America and national tourism, so They continue to strengthen air connectivity to expand the market.

For this reason, he believed that the Tourist Tianguis in 2025 will be key, which for the first time will be binational in Baja California.

“(People) will know the way everything moves on the border, it will position us in an exponential way where we will be able to place the various health and wellness tourism products, nature tourism, gastronomy, wine, adventure, this whole part positions us in this way,” he assured.

In 2023, the airports of Tijuana, Mexicali and San Felipe received 14.3 million passengers, a figure 35% higher than that received in 2019, before the covid-19 pandemic, so they expect that this figure will increase by 2024. can increase a little more.

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