Government of CDMX commissioned blankets from Gutiérrez Müller designer, Ángel Mussi, to give as gifts in winter – El Sol de México

Angel Mussi, designer and legal representative of Mussi Corporation SA de CV that make up the dresses by Beatriz Gutiérrez Müllerwriter and wife of the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorhas been the favorite to make the blankets that the city gives away in the winter season.

He designer was noted in 2019 after making the dresses for the national holidays of the historian; even Angel Mussi He accepted that the writer also sought him out previously to buy some fabrics. The design house has been working for 31 years and It has more than 20 branches in the Historic Center of Mexico Cityin Tolucain it State of Mexico, and Puebla.

He first contract that Mussi signed with the government in power was in December 2018 with the Presidency of the Republicspecifically with the extinct Presidential General Staff. He asked for different women’s clothing: 24 black, navy blue or gray bags; 59 dress pants, 53 white women’s blouses, two long black coats, 328 black or navy blue dress suits and 328 tailored suits.

That year the company accepted that the suit that Gutiérrez Müller wore was a donation

In September 2022 she wore a dress for the military civic parade

And from 2021, Corporación Mussi celebrated contracts, through public tenders and invitations restrictedby 26 million 314 thousand 203 pesos with the Secretariat of Inclusion and Social Welfare (Sibiso) of Mexico City for the preparation of blankets and sweatshirts for the winter season which is delivered to vulnerable groups to prevent illnesses in the winter and deadly risks.

According to a review of public contracts in the National Transparency Platformthis year the company Ángel Musi signed three contracts with Sibiso on the occasion of Winter Season Wellbeing program. The first was a Direct award to request 20 thousand blankets measuring 2 by 1.50 meters for a total cost of 1 million 693 thousand 600 pesos. The contract validity goes from January 2 to December 1.

The second one too it was by award. Entered into an open contract to request the minimum delivery of 8 thousand 836 blankets and maximum 88 thousand 362, according to the needs. The maximum limit of contract is 8 million 199 thousand 993 pesos.

He third order also was awarded directly. The Sibiso required 4 thousand 375 blankets for a total of 406 thousand pesos. The agreement was signed on September 22, 2023 and ends on the 31st of this year.

Yesterday in the Sierra de Santa Catarinain the mayor’s office Iztapalapahe Head of Government, Martí Batres, delivered a thousand blankets and winter clothing kits to low-income families. And before that Christmas visited Xochimilco for the same purpose.

“The most important thing is social policies; the most important thing are the policies that are directed to protect peoplethat’s the most importantthe peoplethe familiesthe people, your well being. That is the sign of the Fourth Transformation and that is why at the federal level, at the city level that is done. (…) With my teammates Social Welfare, “We are going to be going to one mayor’s office, to another mayor’s office, we are going to give them blankets and hot dinners, so that these Christmas days they are protected, warm and fed,” he expressed. Batres in Xochimilco.

For this season, according to the Sibisoit will be deliver 200 thousand blankets and 25 thousand Winter kits, with cap, hoodie and scarfin various parts of the city, mainly where the largest number of homeless people live, according to the social development indices, in the municipalities of the high areas such as Cupcake Contreras, Tlalpan, Tlahuac, Milpa high, XochimilcoGustavo A. Madero, Álvaro Obregón and Cuajimalpa.

In 2022, The design house also obtained the contract for the delivery of blankets and sweatshirts for the Winter Season 2022. That year the contract was for nine million 725 thousand 440 pesos for the elaboration of 100 thousand blankets and 12 thousand sweatshirts.

AND In 2021, Corporación Mussi won two contracts with Sibiso for the 2021 Winter Campaign: the first for three million 419 thousand 448 pesos for the production of 26 thousand blankets and two thousand sweatshirts; and the second for two million 869 thousand 721 pesosfor the acquisition of 21,739 blankets.

The Sibiso does not have public contracts before that year on the purchase of blankets to deliver in winter.

The design house offers blouses from one thousand to two thousand pesos, coats for over two thousand pesos, and pants for 1,750. In a tour made by this newspaper in branches of the Historical Center, The influx of customers is quite large in those installed on the street November 20 and Pino Suárez.

The Sun of Mexico searched in his stores and by email to the designer Angel Musi to know the method of preparation and the number of personnel, as well as the Secretariat of Inclusion and Wellbeing to know the delivery progress of blanketsbut until the closing of this edition, the design house and the institution They did not provide a response.

Mussi Corporation also worked since 2019 with federal institutions. In 2019, through a Direct awardobtained a contract with the National Lottery for Public Assistance (Lotenal) for 513,880 pesos to make 607 uniforms for street vendors.

In 2020 it held a contract with the Government Secretariat (Secgob) for the acquisition of 600 vests identification of public servants by 375 thousand 840 pesos. In 2021 he was a supplier and contractor for the Secretariat of Security Citizen Protection SSPC-National Guard, for the maquila and distribution of all types of clothes and articles for him dress.

In 2022 he signed another contract with the SSPC by direct award by 499 thousand 974 pesosfor the production of 847 multipurpose vests. And it also appears in the list of suppliers and contractors of the Secretary of Administration and Finance in 2023, where it reports its activity as “Retail trade of textile products.”

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