Gypsy Blanchard: this was her first time after leaving prison – El Sol de México

The woman of the moment in the United States, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, continues to make people talk after he had his first day of freedom. In which he carried out different activities that caught the attention of more than one.

As is well known, Gypsy She had a life of abuse with her mother, a situation that led her to take a drastic measure which left her in prison for many years. The murder of her mother also sent her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, to prison, who is serving a life sentence.

After serving her time in prison, Gypsy is now a free woman and her first day of freedom did not go unnoticed, as TMZ reported that the young woman went to buy tennis shoes with her husband Ryan Scott.

According to TMZ, the first approach between the two was after Ryan learned of her tragic story and decided to contact Gypsy, who explained that she responded to the message only because he was from her original home state of Louisiana.

Gypsy stated that Ryan has been vital in her life “he has been an emotional backbone for the last three years, he is probably the most compassionate soul I have ever met and the most patient.”

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Said entertainment media noted that Ryan and Gypsy met during the pandemic and married in a prison ceremony on July 21, 2022.

Gypsy took her first selfie in freedom

In addition to going shopping with her husband Ryan, Gypsy Blanchard uploaded her first free selfie on her Instagram. The young woman received signs of support and affection in her publication.

Finally, according to TMZ, Gypsy will try to meet Taylor Swift in person, since her music was very important during her stay in prison.

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