Kate Middleton’s close relationship with King Charles III leaves Prince William excluded

Currently, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middletonhas become the main topic of conversation in many media outlets worldwide, since everything indicates that the wife of the prince william She would be willing to fight for the British crown, even if she has to go over her husband.

The relationship between the Princess of Wales and the king Charles III has been recently strengthened when Kate accompanied her 75-year-old father-in-law to receive the more than 500 members of the diplomatic corps at the Buckingham Palace reception on December 5, dazzling everyone with the beautiful and historic Lover’s Knot crown. .

A source close to the royal family revealed to the magazine People that the relationship between Kate Middleton and King Charles III is very strong and that I had never seen such closeness between the two until that moment, something that is not seen between the monarch and his eldest son, as they have always had a conflictive relationship.

After making a name for herself among all followers of the British royals, Kate seems to have decided to take a step forward and join more with her in-laws and wife, if not to carve her own path, which has left William a bit of side, even for actual decisions and events, the source said.

Many claim that the relationship between these great characters will be next year 2024, so from now on we should get used to seeing this image, stopping idealizing the idea that Kate Middleton will always will live and It will remain in the shadow of her husband.

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