Henry Cavill could be a dad; They capture his girlfriend Natalie Viscuso with a pregnant belly-El Sol de México

Henry Cavill and his girlfriend Natalie Viscuso have been made viral on different digital platforms after the spread of the rumor that they are waiting for your first son.

This news soon generated thousands of comments, most of which have been positive, as they congratulated the stars on this new stage.

Are speculations They began to circulate on the networks after the press captured them leaving a building in USA, well some reporters They managed to photograph the actor’s partner, who could be several months old. pregnancy. These images were shared on Internet and it didn’t take them long to go around the world.

It is important to note that the relationship between Cavill and Viscuso It was announced in 2021, when some media indicated that the they saw together, In this way it was like that same day the interpreter of “Superman” He confirmed his courtship through a publication that he spread through his Instagram account.

Rumors about pregnancy

Rumors about the son of the British actor began after a video that was taken in NY, in which appears to be a hotel; In this material you can see how he leaves his girlfriend’s hand.

Before she got into a car to leave the place the media cameras that were waiting, they captured her belly for a few seconds, which could indicate that you are pregnant.

Until now This information has not been confirmed, since neither celebrity has spoken about it, besides, It is known that the two have always been characterized by having kept their personal lives away from the spotlight.

Who is Natalie Viscuso?

She is an executive hollywood 34 years old who has dedicated himself to collaborating on different projects for the cinema and television. He has worked as vice president of Vertigo Entertainment, studio that is behind films like ‘It’ or ‘The Great Lego Adventure’.

They are limited data who know each other about his life, since most of the time he has worked behind the scenes. The only time he appeared in the picture was during his adolescence on the TV show. MTV ‘My Super Sweet 16’.

In this sense, it has revealed who is the daughter of a millionaire, who has several businesses related to the real estate sector, just as it has been said that he studied at the University in his native country.

On the other hand, Viscuso is originally from the state of New Mexico and in his free time he does activities that his family also likes. couple, some of them may be being in contact with nature and others spending time at home.

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