His car caught fire and the thermos he was carrying managed to survive… even with ice (Video) – El Sol de México

The brand Stanleywhich mainly sells thermoswent viral on social networks after a woman shared that one of the products of said brand, He survived inside a car that caught fire.

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This began when the user named Danielle shared images on her TikTok account of her car destroyed by fire while she was holding her Stanley thermos in her hand, which surprisingly It still had ice inside.

“Everyone is worried about the Stanley spilling, but what if it melts? There was a fire yesterday and it still has ice“said the young woman as she shook her glass.

This filled the video with comments where users recommended the company make cars and not thermoses, due to the evident quality of the product.

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“That’s the kickoff for Stanley to start making cars” and “It’s not a bad idea for the body of a car to ask to have the material of Stanley cups,” are some of the comments the video received.

The clip that now has more than five million views and 43 thousand comments reached the eyes of Terrence Riley, the president of Stanleywho did not hesitate to take advantage of the situation to highlight the apparent quality of the glasses.

“Wow, what an ordeal and we are all happy that you are safe, thank you for sharing the video because wow, it really shows how Stanleys are made for life because what happened to you could not be a better example of the quality of our products,” said the president of said company through the brand’s TikTok account.

Likewise, Riley added that in addition to sending him more Stanley glasses, the company will replace Danielle’s car.

“We’ll send you some stanleys, but there’s one more thing, we’ve never done this before and probably never will again, but we’d love to replace your vehicle,” he said.

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Danielle uploaded a second video where she thanked Terrence Riley for his intention to replace her car and the people who made the video of her destroyed car with the glass intact go viral.

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