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A couple of days ago, in social networksmade viral in case of a homeless man who moved the owner of a Mustangbecause of the way he always looked at his sports car, so took him for a ride in it; However, thanks to those videos, it’s like his relatives appearedafter recognizing it and Now they are looking to reunite with him.

It was through TikTok where the content creator identified as Andres Hernandez (andreshernandezig97) shared various clips in which, in the first instance, showed how this man admired his car and, later, how he got to know him.

As the recordings gained popularity on the Chinese network, at the same time they moved users, so many They proposed to Andrés to give him a ride aboard their vehicleand to the surprise of many, the TikToker He accessed and shared the moment through his profilewhere the homeless man is seen with a huge smile.

But that was not all, since Andrés, apart from inviting him to give a “role” in his Mustangalso bought him a similar car, but on scale, gave him a new mattress and even made him A makeoverbecause he took a stylist to cut his hair and beard.

Relatives of homeless people recognize him and now seek to reunite with him

As Andrés shared this series of videos of the moving story of the homeless man, these It reached more and more people until the unexpected happened.well The man was identified by a woman who said she was his sister..

It was like this, through a message, The person identified as Beatriz Adriana Pineda Chávez contacted the owner of Mustang and told him that that man was his brotherand gave him exact information about him, as well as a little about his personal life.

Thank you very much. God bless you, he is my brother, his name is Jorge Adrián Pineda Chávez, he turned 54 on September 28 of last year, I am from Ameca, Jalisco, I am looking for a way to get him. He is single, he has no family, he lived in the USA since he was 15, he had his cars, he earned very well, I learned that he had an accident in Rino, he worked in a chocolate factory, his servant Beatriz Adriana Pineda Chávez“, reads at the beginning of the message that was shared by Andrés.

According to what Beatriz told the TikToker, His brother is a “very good person” and I confess ending in tears when seeing his face in the videoso I was doing my best to gather enough money to travel to Monterrey and meet him againsince she lives in Ameca, Jalisco.

He is a very good person, due to fate and bad luck in love, my brother went through many things, I hope to raise the money to go get him, I don’t have an ID to put him on the plane or truck, I have to go by car first God and soon I will be there. A thousand thanks to all the people who cared about him, and especially to you, we are in contact“, Beatriz specified.

The content creator made the decision to call this person and record the call, to make sure it was real, and after a talk in which Jorge Adrián’s sister confessed that her brother was always a serious person and that he was always apart of his family, he shared a couple of photographs in which the man appears on the street next to his brothers when he was young, where he is seen very smiling next to his loved ones, whom many hope he will see again soon.

Note published in The Sun of Puebla

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