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Lighting can be an underrated but powerful component in interior design, capable of completely transforming the atmosphere and functionality of your home. The design specialist writer, Anya Cooklin-Lofting Gathering the wisdom of experts in the field, we highlight some of the best practices for lighting your space effectively and aesthetically.

Separate the needs

Richard Parr, founder of architectural firm Richard Parr Associates, emphasizes the importance of identifying lighting needs for specific tasks, while also considering creating a welcoming and enriching atmosphere. Not only does it light up, but it also adds a dimension to the enjoyment of the home.

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Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin, urges making a statement with lighting, opting for dramatic pendants and statement table lamps. These elements can transform the appearance of a room and create an atmospheric atmosphere.

According to interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke, ceiling spotlights can create a clinical and formal atmosphere. Instead, she suggests using soft, warm wall lighting as well as picture lights to highlight interesting elements of the room.

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What do you want to convey and make a strategy

Niki Wright, co-founder of Lights & Lamps, highlights the importance of adapting lighting throughout the day to improve mood. From daylight to creating a cozy cave at night, the home experience can be significantly improved.

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Margit Argus, founder of the architecture studio Studio Argus, suggests using strategically placed mirrors to reflect light, increasing the perception of luminosity and spaciousness in the space.

Matthew Williamson, interior designer, recommends choosing several lamps instead of one main light source and creating a more interesting, as well as flattering, lighting scheme.

Balance and accessories

Martin Millard, director of auction house Chefffins, suggests exploring auctions to find unique lamps and lighting at more affordable prices, with opportunities that may not be available elsewhere.

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Shelley Simpson, founder of Mud Australia, advocates using lamps as statement pieces that complement the style and color of a room, adding character and avoiding seasonal trends.

Clemence Pirajean, co-founder of interior design studio Pirajean Lees, suggests tailoring your lighting setup to the specific use of each space, using a combination of soft and low-level lighting for different purposes.

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