HRW expresses concern about reforms that would limit the Amparo Law – El Sol de México

Mexico City, April 11 (EFE).- Human Rights Watch (HRW) This Thursday he expressed his concern about a reform initiative in our country that would limit the Amparo Law for the ones Judges cannot provisionally suspend works or legislation questioned by civil organizations and companies.

“We are concerned about the proposals for reforms to the Protection Law. This is an initiative that limits the right to judicial protection and thereby exposes citizens to human rights violations,” said the director of the Americas Division of HRW, Juanita Goebertus, in a publication in X.

The organization reacted to the reform approved on Wednesday in Senate committees, where Morena asks to modify articles 129 and 148 of the Amparo Law so that judges do not stop works or regulations as a precaution in the event of possible human rights violations.

Morena legislators have questioned judges for stopping controversial works such as the Mayan Train or reforms such as Electrical Industry Law during the presidency of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, before amparo lawsuits filed by groups of environmentalists, indigenous people and businessmen.

Tyler Mattiace, Mexico researcher at HRW, warned that the “Mexican Senate is considering changes to the Amparo Law that would make it more difficult for people to defend themselves against laws or government actions that affect their rights.”

“Judicial protection is a human right. Senators should reject the initiative,” he also stated in X.

López Obrador has repeatedly accused judges of being “corrupt” and “working for the oligarchy” for suspending his legal reforms and public works when analyzing or granting protections.

The current initiative of Brunette It must still be voted on in the full Senate and then in the Chamber of Deputies.

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