BABYMONSTER Achieves Incredible Milestone With Latest MV ‘SHEESH’

There is no doubt about the sensational acceptance it has had BABYMONSTER since their debut last year 2023, and in just a few months, the girls in the band have already managed to delight millions of people with their wonderful lyrics and melodies.

Like his most recent music video titled ‘SHEESH‘, which just 10 days after being presented on the platform Youtubehas already managed to amass an incredible milestone, becoming the M.V. of the K-Pop to achieve 100 million views in 2024, a recognition that no other female band has achieved so far this year.

Now, BABYMONSTER has three sensational music videos with hundreds of millions of views, including ‘BATTER UP‘, which exceeded 100 million views in 18 days, ‘Stuck In The Middle‘, which reached this same figure in 38 days, and of course ‘SHEESH‘.

This kind of recognitions They only break the expectations of their fans, making their number increase with each passing day, the girls have definitely started their long journey in the K-Pop industry on the right foot!

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