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He Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM) boasted a savings of 166.2 million pesos with the materials you recycled for the election of the Head of Government, mayors and local deputies on June 2.

Advisors of that organization Yesterday they presented the ballot boxes, crayons, screens and bases, among other items, with which they will equip the 13,475 boxes that will be installed in the country’s capital.

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Ernesto Ramos Mega, president of the Electoral Organization Commission of the IECMHe reported that The total expenditure in this area amounted to 16.8 million pesosof which 12.8 million correspond to new materials and four million to what was invested in the rehabilitation of items used in past elections.

“If we had decided to buy all these materials from scratch instead of carrying out a rehabilitation process, hiring people, buying parts, etc., the cost for the Institute and the treasury of the Mexico City “It would have been 183 million pesos,” he explained.

Ramos Mega explained that The organization continued with its institutional policy of saving resources and environmental care by investing in complementary materials and only replacing those that could not be reused because they were unusable or broken.

Among the 212,063 items that citizens will use that day are 40,425 ballot boxes and 12,431 modular gates.which, the official explained, were designed by the IECM and have different characteristics than those used by the National Electoral Institute (INE), given that They are made of a thicker, more durable plastic that contributes to saving resources.

In her intervention, Patricia Avendaño, president advisor of the local referee, considered that The materials put the organization at the forefront in the field of sustainability.

Also, he added, They guarantee the secrecy and reliability of the voteprovide certainty and promote the universality of suffrage, because they are inclusive and designed for all sectors of the population.

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During the tour, The officials specified that the polling stations to be installed will have an electoral package to store the documentation and minutes when the voting station closes.In addition, citizens will have modular gates with different measurements at their disposal to facilitate access for people in wheelchairs.

In addition to this, The Institute will make available 53,724 triangular crayons, which do not slip or slide and are easy to use for people with mobility problems in their hands., in contrast to circular or hexagonal crayons that tend to fall from screens. Finally, the counselors indicated that the distribution of the materials to the district headquarters will take place between May 6 and 10. To the distribution numbers, they specified, an additional 4 percent will be added to cover any eventuality at the polls.

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