INE analyzes presenting more than 18 thousand complaints for irregularities in the nominal list to vote abroad – El Sol de México

The Electoral Counselor of the National Electoral Institute (INE) Carla Humphrey Jordan reported that they are analyzing the possibility of presenting 18 thousand 572 complaints before the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Electoral Crimes to whomever is responsible for the irregularities detected when registering in the nominal list for Mexicans who will vote abroad.

“Until now we would have in the universe of possible cases that can be reported The number of 18 thousand 572 that present irregularities what they can be subject of complaints against whoever is responsible, it is not necessarily against the person who appears registered, because probably could be a victim and don’t even know that they are registered to vote abroad.”

For his part, Councilor Arturo Castillo explained that the elimination of 39,724 people from the nominal list for him vote abroad It is because they found themselves in their postal code records and repeated IP addresseshence they rejected that it is a fraud orchestrated by the INEas stated by the candidate of the “Let’s Keep Making History” collation, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo.

He added that the institute’s staff contacted the affected people to re-register, due to what they called a communication error.

“These people are not losing their right to vote, They are not being excluded from the possibility of voting”said the counselor.

He explained that the main causes of inadmissibility in the records They are related to irregularities either inconsistencies with the signaturesuch as firms illegible, photocopies of the signature instead of a handwritten signature and lack of coincidence. However, people will be able to vote, They are not excluded from exercising their right since they have a valid INE credential..

“The fellow nationals residents abroad You have until May 5 to send an email to for request clarification of your situation. They have to include your full name, folio of your record and we will contact you as soon as possible to tell you specifically what is needed for the registration to proceed,” he added.

The INE authorities detailed that there were 18,203 records with irregularities in the signature; 861 records irregularities in the proof of address; 12,574 failed to comply with requirements and 8,086 presented multiple irregularities. Carla Humphrey added that in addition to the documentary review they also did field verificationattending five thousand addresses to verify the registration.

“He INE has to guarantee the reliability of the Registerthat each person cast a vote and that those who registered to vote from abroad are precisely those who expressed their desire to vote from abroad,” reiterated counselor Humphrey Jordan.

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Finally, Alejandro Sosa Duránexecutive director of the federal registry of voters explained that they received applications for registration of nationals abroad that they had a same IP address, they even found locations in Nuevo León, Quintana Roo and Mexico City; but they did not provide details about in which country or locality the greatest number of irregular records were found.

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