Internet antennas operated by organized crime are dismantled in Michoacán – El Sol de México

Morelia, Michoacán.- In searches carried out this morning in the municipalities of Apatzingán and Buenavista Tomatlán, Michoacán, police and military agents They disabled internet repeater antennas in three homes, supposedly operated by organized crime.

The internet generated from these structures was provided to residents of the area by members of the criminal group known as Viagras under threats and excessive costs.

It was detailed that the members of This criminal group intimidated businessmen and workers of different companies so that they left the area and did not operate the internet service, of which They sought total control.

During operations a person was arrested who guarded one of the properties. The subject, whose identity was not revealed, It has already been made available to the corresponding authorities.

The operational deployment in which troops from the Michoacan Prosecutor’s Officethe National Coordination Anti-kidnapping, Secretariat of the National Defense, National Guard and the Secretariat of Public security of Michoacán took place almost simultaneously in both municipalities and it was carried out without the need to use force.

Specifically, the operations took place in the towns of Cenobio Moreno and Santa Ana Amatlán.

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The results of the investigations were two antennas dismantled and secured, a digital video box and a computer equipment.

Note published in The Sun of Morelia

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