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In the search for solace and joy, it seems that the world has shrunk to a 1:12 scale. Dollhouses, those miniatures that were once the favorite toy of generations past, are experiencing a surprising renaissance in contemporary culture. From the emblematic Dream House From Barbie to elaborate Victorian mansions, these small works of art have once again captured the imagination of young and old alike.

Ask for the barbie vacation housetwo levels and 30 pieces including accessories that make it up.

The origin of these constructions

Contrary to the modern belief that dollhouses are only for girls, these miniatures have their roots in adult display and education. Originating in the 17th century in northern Europe, particularly Germany, Holland and England, these miniature houses were closely linked to wealth and served as markers of class and social status.

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According to Faith Eaton in The Ultimate Dolls House Bookthe German word dokenhaus It does not mean dollhouse, but “miniature house.” Initially known as “cabinet houses” in Holland, they were hinged display cases that allowed people to display and hide their expensive collections of miniature objects.

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Reinforcement of gender roles

In the 17th century, they evolved into an educational purpose with the Nuremberg kitchens. These houses made of metal were designed to teach girls domestic skills and running a house. Equipped with stoves, pots, and straw brooms, the “Nuremberg kitchens” were a practical and realistic method of instruction in contrast to the fantasy of conventional dollhouses.

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Initially produced by artisans from their homes, growing demand led to the industrialization of dollhouse manufacturing. Companies like Moritz Gottschalk, Gebruder Bing and Marklin They joined mass production, transforming miniatures into toys accessible to a wider audience.

Choose Hosioe dollhouse miniature for something more realistic, this is a DIY kit.

Miniatures in the digital age

Once relegated to museums and exhibitions, dollhouses now find their home on the screens of devices we hold in our hands. With more than 200,000 followers, the author of The Book of Mini, Kate Ünver, and other influencers have turned thumbnails into a social media sensation. The reason? The exquisiteness of small offers a tangible and accessible escape 24/7.

The impact of the pandemic

During lockdown, as the life-size world became increasingly frightening, dollhouses became havens of creativity and control. From building tiny furniture to making miniature meals, people found a therapeutic escape from the uncertainty of the outside world. In a 1:12 scale universe, they could create and control a world of their own when ours seemed large and unsolvable.

More than Toys

They are portals to alternative universes where creativity is combined with control. From mid-20th century bachelorette apartments to Victorian mansions, these miniatures allow people to design bespoke homes and lives, exploring different possibilities and escaping reality, even if just for a moment.

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