J Balvin captures a UFO on video – El Sol de México

Life on other planets is always a controversial topic, since there are always those who deny that we are not the only ones in this solar system. However, J Balvin shared on his social networks a video in which he captured an alleged UFO (Unidentified flying object).

Through an Instagram post, J Balvin He assured that he recorded a UFO, because in his words “that pod was not a plane or anything I’ve ever seen before,” and he has always “believed that Is there life in other planets“.

As expected, the video caused controversy among those who disbelieved in life on other planets; Therefore, various users assure that the post of J Balvin it’s just a publicitary estrategy to promote a possible collaboration with Wisin and Yandelwho are also known as “the aliens.”

This is the alleged UFO that J Balvin captured

J Balvin, through a reel of Instagram assured that it captured a UFO. “And the people there playing like it was nothing,” “He is an alien and not Wisin and Yandel“, were the words that the Colombian used when capturing the unidentified object.

Do you think it is a UFO? Here we leave you the video for you to analyze.

Do UFOs exist? This is what NASA says

Although NASA has not confirmed or denied the existence of UFOs, in 2022 it created a agency to study unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), which group events in the sky that are not airplanes or known natural phenomena.

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